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There are messages traveling into your subconscious during waking hours, and during sleep.  Why not make them work for you by harnessing the subtle yet powerful technique of  Hypnosis.  Many people may not realize that  Hypnosis Services from Sole to Soul Healing  include a training session in self-hypnosis…. a skill you can use on your own, any time, anywhere.

Every few seconds, decisions are being made in the brain, and many of them are made on “auto-pilot”.  Hypnosis taps in to the subconscious mind, and encourages the brain to send new positive messages, replacing the thoughts that hold us back, with thoughts that move us towards our goals.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q:  Will I fall asleep during hypnosis? 

A:  Most clients do not fall completely asleep, although many have reported feeling rested after receiving hypnotherapy because of the calming nature of the treatment.

Q:  I’m very high strung, how can someone like me be hypnotized?

A:  Being hypnotized is hard to understand, if you’ve never experienced it.  It’s simply a very relaxed state in which you are so calm, that suggestions are received by the subconscious, without the clutter of continuous thoughts.

Q:  We are going on vacation and have the opportunity to scuba dive and snorkel.  I’m afraid to be underneath the water’s surface, can hypnosis help with this? 

A:  This is a great question, and the answer is a resounding YES.  This is a perfect example of a specific fear or phobia that you want to change.  Wanting to change is an important factor in successful treatment.

Why Hypnosis?

Clients achieve a state of deep relaxation, and through a guided session with a Certified Hypnotist, new pathways are forged into your every day state of mind.  Pathways that lead to not feeling the need for that negative thought, or a handful of snacks.  Sudden bouts of anxiety are replaced with feelings of confidence.


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All sessions are One to Two Hours based on individual needs.

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