Reiki in Southington CT from Sole to Soul Healing – Help for Anxiety, Muscle Tension, Pain, Pre/Post Operative Relaxation and Healing, Wellness and a Sense of Well-Being.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used for more than just stress reduction.  For example, Hartford Hospital’s Reiki Program will celebrate it’s 16th anniversary in March of 2014. Since 1998 the hospital has promoted alternative therapies to patients. The total number of Reiki sessions provided during the past 15 years is 58,214.  The hospital’s website states that more than 84% of patients say they would be more likely to choose Hartford Hospital for future admissions because of Reiki.

UCLA.EDU reports:

Reiki Passes Tests with Flying Colors
Ailments and disorders that tested favorably to Reiki treatment include:

1. Post operative pain after tooth extraction

2. Cognition in elderly, related to dementia/Alzheimers

3. Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain

4. Pain in chronically ill patients

5. Depression and stress

6. Well-being in Reiki practitioners

An American Health Association survey found that 84 percent of hospitals indicated patient demand as the primary rationale in offering complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services, including Reiki; and 67 percent of those surveyed stated “clinical effectiveness” as their top reason.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q:  Is Reiki a massage?

A:  No, Reiki is not like a massage.  There is very little contact between you and the practitioner.  In many cases, this is a benefit, because injuries and sensitive pain points are often too delicate to be touched.  Additionally, many injuries are internal in nature, and Reiki promotes a flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Q: Is Reiki real?  What is it?

A:  This is a common question.  As a Certified Reiki Master and Practitioner I can assure you that Reiki is very real.  Just as pain is invisible, Reiki’s healing energy is invisible.  If you have a migraine headache, there is no physical change or sign that you are in severe pain, but it is definitely real.  Reiki’s healing energy helps the pain of a migraine by promoting your body’s natural response and ability to heal through positive energy flow.  In a way, Reiki helps to “wash the pain away” by allowing healing energy to flow like a river through the body.

Q:  I have sciatica, is Reiki good for that?  

A:  I have first hand experience with Reiki and it’s healing affect on sciatica.  Several clients have reported improved mobility, and a reduction in pain with their sciatica.

Q:  How do you get Reiki, what should I expect?

A:  Most clients prefer to lie down on the padded table under a blanket.  If this is uncomfortable or difficult, clients can choose a comfortable chair with or without their feet elevated on an ottoman.  Additionally, soft light-blocking eye cover is available if you’d like.  The room is dimly lit, with soft music, and is not cramped or crowded.

Why Reiki?

Pain, stress, and imbalance are replaced with the natural ability Reiki brings to heal the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Treatments will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and anew!

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$75 per session

$200 for a package of three

All sessions are 45-60 minutes, based on individual needs.

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