• Apply Pressure to Yourself, and Heal with Acupressure

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    Acupressure:  Did you know that you can apply pressure to parts of the body, like your earlobe, lip, or wrist and cure common ailments?  It’s true!


    Ouch! That frying pan is hot.  You just burned the tip of your finger.  Here is what to do:

    Apply pressure to your earlobe.

    Put  your thumb on the back of your lobe, and the burned finger on the front of the earlobe and apply pressure for at least one minute.  Pain will melt away.

    Acupressure Southington CT


    You’re in the middle of your yoga class, when it hits you.  A leg cramp, and boy it hurts.  You fall out of your pose and retire to your mat.  Now what?  Try this:

    Using your thumb and index finger, “pinch” the skin between your nose and lip, where the little crease is. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, or until you feel your inner downward dog howling with relief.

    Sole to Soul Healing offers Reflexology, which is the science of applying pressure to your feet in ways that will help and heal the body.  Learn more about Reflexology, here.

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