• Hypnosis – A proven method to cure what ails you

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    Look deep into my eyes.  Is that what you are imagining?  Or, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?

    Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Southington CT

    Think again, my friend! Hypnosis is a proven solution that provides help for many health issues.

    Pain Relief

    Hypnosis has shown to decrease the body’s response to pain. By lowering levels of anxiety and changing the way your body handles pain, one study conducted with patients who had severe burns showed a reduction in the need for potent painkillers by 50%. It cut the need in half!

    Quit Smoking

    If a 50% decrease in pain medication isn’t enough, those who are trying to quit smoking and use hypnotherapy are much  more successful than standard treatments.  Typical success rates for standard treatments average 30%.  Quitters who used hypnosis had a success rate of over 60%.

    Hypnosis can work for many issues and ailments.  From pain relief, to achieving goals for weight loss, hypnotherapy is a natural solution with no side effects – except for success!

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