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    Let’s get one thing out of the way – You are not going to see candy or ice cream on this list, however, you will find foods that help heal what ails you.  Learn more about Healing Foods: 

    Grab a fork, and let’s get to work.

    healing foods

    More Vitamin D

    If you are trying to pack a little more Vitamin D into your diet, you might want to add mushrooms to your diet. White button mushroom powder also works to help kick up the Vitamin D.  Next time you are in the produce section, read the label for the different varieties, and you’ll be surprised at how much D you can get from mushrooms.

    Ouch! That Burns

    Perhaps you are already crying because you got a minor burn.  If not, this remedy will make your eyes water. After putting the recommended cold water or compress on a burn, lay a slice of raw onion on your burn for about 15 minutes. According to Bottom Line Health – alternate leaving a slice on for 15 minutes, then taking it off for 15 minutes until the burn is soothed.

    Soak up that Heartburn

    The party was great, but that last piece of whatcha ma call it pushed you over the edge, and how you have heartburn. No problem. Put a teaspoon of uncooked oatmeal flakes in your mouth, chew thoroughly, and swallow. Let the sponge-like properties of the flakes soak up that heartburn.

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